An introvert commits to blogging.

I’m Katie McLain, a mom pursuing simple living and adventure in East Petersburg, PA. If it isn’t obvious, I am not really good at keeping my blog updated. Actually, I am not really good at updating my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with any real consistency either. However, as this year echoes out and a new one begins

A Unique Vacation Bible School Experience.

As you may or may not know; Jeff and I are part of the faith community, East Petersburg Mennonite Church, where Jeff is also Associate Pastor. East Petersburg Mennonite Church is a community learning to live and love like Jesus in our neighborhood of East Petersburg, PA. Well, on August 2nd through August 5th; will be hosting a Vacation Bible School

Introducing my blog.

Hello. I am Katie McLain. Welcome to my new blog. It is also my first blog, so that tells you how new it is. I will be planning to write a new post on my blog every week, or so in the beginning. I will be blogging about my mission to become an intentionally creative neighbor through the Missional Community and Missional Living. I help