Katie enjoys opportunities to invest in others and to conspire with other projects, organizations, churches, and businesses that are uniquely making a difference. Learn more about her, her resume, and how to connect.

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Enneagram: This identifies our deafult approaches to relationships and life. Katie ties between a Type 9 (Peacemaker) and Type 6 (Loyalist).

Myers-Briggs: An introspective indication of psychological preferences in how we see the world and make decisions. Katie's profile is an ISFJ.

APEST: Discovers Base and Phase gifts given to the church in Ephesians 4. Katie's base is "Pastor," but phases into "Evangelist" and "Teacher."

Team Ministry Spiritual Gifts Inventory: This determines where you serve well in the church. Katie's top areas are Serving, Mercy, and Exhortation.

DiSC: Explores how dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance in your personality determines how you lead.

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Katie McLain is a preschool teacher, college student, mom, and wife in pursuit of adventures and simplicity in life. She has worked in early childhood education since 2003.

Currently, Katie is studying at Northampton Community College in the Early Childhood Education: Infant to Grade Four program. At Northampton Community College she has been admitted to Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and consistently makes the Dean's List. She is also pursuing a Certificate in Biblical Studies from the Vineyard Institute. Previously, Katie had taken classes through both Vanguard University and Lancaster Bible College.

Katie was born in the Imperial deserts of El Centro California but raised in the endless summers of Fountain Valley California. Though she was born in California, she is Pennsylvanian by choice. While studying at Lancaster Bible College, Katie fell in love with both the rolling hills of Pennsylvania and a guy that she met in a local diner. As they say, the rest is history, and after marrying Jeff McLain in 2006, Katie loves being able to call Pennsylvania 'home.' After marrying, Katie joined her husband for quite a few adventurous road trips, festival-circuit tours, and several cross-country trips. The quiet beauty of the desert was always among Katie's favorite places to visit while traveling. Now it is from her home in Pennsylvania, that she pursues adventures, simplicity and new experiences while investing in the lives of her three daughters.

While growing up, Katie was raised in 'Regular Baptist Churches' but wrestled with that as a lens to her Christian faith and as something to 'belong to.' After experiencing the Anabaptist and Vineyard Church Movements, she found a deeper understanding of faith and more fitting theological homes. Now, as a Pastor's wife, Katie loves missional communities, seeing people gathered people together and simply having folks in her home. She loves having people gathered so much, that she laments when they leave, and that makes sense when you realize she ties between the personalities of 'Peacemaker' and 'Loyalist' on the Enneagram. As an ISFJ, her Myers-Briggs testifies to her internally focused, but concretely warm and dependable personality.

As an incurable introvert and a self-admitting movieholic, Katie loves to stay home and watch movies like Terminator, Rocky, and Star Wars while she cuddles with her crazy dog and talkative cat. However, Katie also loves amusement parks with exciting roller coasters, loud live concerts, cheering on the Philadelphia Phillies and exploring any New York style pizzeria. It won't take you long to realize that among her favorite things is pizza, snow, exploring and extended weekend trips to Ocean City, MD.

You can contact Katie McLain by connecting with her through Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, or E-mail.

Katie McLain and family at Hershey Park